Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Raconteurs :: Consolers Of The Lonely

Listen up! New material from The Raconteurs will be released quickly, this Tuesday, March 25!

This past Monday, The Raconteurs officially acknowledged the album's upcoming release, Consolers Of The Lonely, the band's sophomore album, along with a tracklist and Spring tour dates. The announcement notes that the album will be available through regular stores as well as online retailers and the band's own website in an attempt to get the album to EVERYONE (including the music press) at the same time. The speedy release is an attempt to stop an online leak of the album before it's available for sale.

That will prevent a repeat of the debacle last spring when a Chicago DJ played Icky Thump in its entirety prior to the official release.

Read more from The Raconteurs at their myspace page through the link provided above.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Duffy, I'm begging you for 'Mercy'

At the request of Duffy's label, I took down my previous post.

watch the 'Mercy' video on Youtube

Duffy's Myspace page

Duffy's Official Website

You've got me begging!
You've got me begging!
You've got me begging!
why won't you release me?
I'm begging you for mercy,
why won't you release me?

Pre-Order Duffy's Rockferry through Amazon (if you don't mind waiting until May 13)