Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Joy and Misery

I like blogging for an exercise in creative writing, expressing myself and sharing cool music with others. I'm not supposed to share .mp3's that don't belong to me, though. They are not mine to give away.

But I do it anyway. Just like the 10's of THOUSANDS of other people worldwide who write blogs. I don't fancy myself a great writer. Or even a good writer. But I try like hell. And if I'm going to write about something, I can more easily critique my words when I'm writing about something I love. Something I'm passionate about. I think it's fun and probably keeps my mental acuity sharp. But it's fun, mostly.

When I started this a few years ago, I was mostly inspired by AnAquariumDrunkard. And I promised to myself to give a good effort to support the music I was sharing. Not just, "Hey, everyone! Here's some free music! Rob from the artist who created this beautiful art; the bastards are richer than you anyway!"

No. No. No. My intention was (and is) since I'm SO excited and inspired by this music, let me channel that into a creative expression. An expression of sincere admiration of the music.

But life gets hectic. Without going into details, over time I guess I lost time and interest in my newfound 'creative outlet'.

So I log on for the first time in a VERY LONG time, and I apparently have a DMCA message. GRRR!

Not my first.

This time, for my post about the song "Tweeter and The Monkey Man". The first was for posting Duffy mp3's. Admittedly, I posted a few songs from an album not-yet-released. I can understand if they thought I might undercut sales. I'd like to think I tried to spur interest in her, though.

Anyway, Google took my "Tweeter" blog entry down and put it into my draft folder. Tweeter and The Monkey Man. Released by Traveling Wilburys in 1988. Covered by The Headstones in 1993 on their album, Picture of Health. ( links provided!)

Not much different than this web page I just found as I'm composing this blog:

I'm pretty disappointed, but I'm pleased that my whole blog wasn't deleted. Or worse, I suppose.

That said, I may start writing again. If (When) I do, I'll be more clever when sharing. So, for those artists I offend in the future (or more likely, their record companies), know that I love your art. If I'm writing about it, then I believe to my marrow that its beauty should be beheld by everyone that shares my affinity for great music.

Thanks in advance for not suing my ass off.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Girl Talk :: Feed The Animals

I've always had leaning toward rap music and I love a great DJ mix, but there's nothing like the classics in rock. The hits... the songs that everyone knows, the ones that get played over and over at the bars and house parties. And then there's the deep cuts of long forgotten albums, the b-sides often overlooked and overshadowed by the radio hits.

Of course, what would the world of music be with guilty pleasures... songs so simple and superficial, you know you shouldn't. But you just can't help yourself. They find a way to permeate into your everyday life and before you know it, you're hooked!

What if you could find one album that captured all those great tunes?

What would an album sound like that flexed a cacophony of sounds; a musical force that defied conventions of mainstream and underground music while celebrating them both? An album that defined sonic synergy?

That album would be "Feed The Animals", by Pittsburgh native DJ, Girl Talk. A album is a veritable 'megamix' of lesser-known and popular hits. A collection of 322 samples from various artists like Jay Z, Roy Orbison, Huey Lewis and The News, Rod Stewart, Procol Harum, Li'l Wayne, The Band, Fergie, Kenny Loggins and The Cure!

The album was released through Girl Talk's label, Illegal Art on at a Name-Your-Own-Price basis.

Just give in, already! You know you're gonna love it!

Play Your Part (Pt.1)

Shut The Club Down

Set It Off


Friday, January 2, 2009

Hayes Carll

Thanks to Blender Magazine's Top 33 Albums of 2008 I was introduced to Hayes Carll and his album "Trouble In Mind", released back in April.

It's a fantastic album! Love it from start to finish.

Bad Liver And A Broken Heart (Not a Tom Waits cover)

I Don't Wanna Grow Up (Tom Waits cover)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

It's Been A Long Time...

Four and a half months without a post! A shame really, but life has been very busy. So here we go...

In my teenage years of the mid to late 1980s, rap music was definitely a way to set yourself apart from the crowd growing up in rural (read: white) America. I loved to come home from school to watch Yo! MTV Raps and Rap City on BET. Eric B. and Rakim were steady favorites of mine with their album, Paid In Full. From start to finish, it's a classic which has stood the test of time, sounding every bit as fresh today as it did in 1987. And if you can find a copy of the Platinum Edition with a second disc of song remixes, I highly suggest you pick it up.

It's been a long time, I shouldn't have left you without a strong rhyme to step to...

I Know You Got Soul (from Eric B. and Rakim :: Paid In Full)

Paid In Full (Remix Jack and Diane) (from Eric B. and Rakim :: Paid In Full - Platinum Edition)

I Ain't No Joke (from Eric B. and Rakim :: Paid In Full)

It's Been A Long Time (from Rakim :: 18th Letter)


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Ting Tings

I (luckily) caught The Ting Tings on DirecTv's freeview of SXSW this past March. I love their sound and catchy rhythms. Much like The White Stripes, it's a two-piece rock band with a punk / do-it-yourself feel. Opposite of The White Stripes, drums are handled by the male, Jules De Martino, while singing and guitar are handled by Katie White.

Now I see iTunes is helping promote them through their latest ipod commercial featuring the song, "Shut Up And Let Me Go".

The Ting Tings will be releasing their debut album We Started Nothing on May 20th!

In the meantime, check them out!

Shut Up And Let Me Go

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Two Man Gentleman Band :: William Howard Taft

William Howard Taft was the 27th President of The United States of America (1909 - 1913) and the 10th Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court (1921 - 1930).

The Two Man Gentleman Band are S. Andy Bean and Condon Fuller. A two-piece band consisting of banjo and upright bass, with kazoo accompaniment for a splash of old-timey authenticity.

Mr. Taft is the only person to ever hold both top positions of the Executive and Judicial branches of the United States government.

Two Man Gentleman Band released their third album this past February and are current amid a tour which will take them across the country twice in the next 5 months.

Taft was a portly fellow and the last President to sport facial hair in office.

Above, Mr. Bean sports a fedora and Mr. Fuller, a bowler.

Two Man Gentleman Band :: William Howard Taft

From Fat Jokes about Taft :

"Justice [David J.] Brewer of the Supreme Court said that 'Taft is the politest man in Washington; the other day he gave up his seat in a street-car to three ladies.'"

"While he was in the Philippines, disturbing reports about his health caused Secretary of War [Elihu] Root to send a cabled inquiry. Taft cabled back that he was perfectly all right -- he had just finished a twenty-five-mile horseback ride and was feeling fine. Root read that, smiled, and sent off another cable of solicitude: 'How is horse?'"

"What are you going to name it when it comes, Mr. President?" asked Senator Chauncey Depew as he patted Taft’s huge stomach. "Well, if it is a boy I’ll call it William," replied Taft. "If it’s a girl, I’ll call it Theodora. But if it turns out to be just wind, I’ll call it Chauncey."