Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Girl Talk :: Feed The Animals

I've always had leaning toward rap music and I love a great DJ mix, but there's nothing like the classics in rock. The hits... the songs that everyone knows, the ones that get played over and over at the bars and house parties. And then there's the deep cuts of long forgotten albums, the b-sides often overlooked and overshadowed by the radio hits.

Of course, what would the world of music be with guilty pleasures... songs so simple and superficial, you know you shouldn't. But you just can't help yourself. They find a way to permeate into your everyday life and before you know it, you're hooked!

What if you could find one album that captured all those great tunes?

What would an album sound like that flexed a cacophony of sounds; a musical force that defied conventions of mainstream and underground music while celebrating them both? An album that defined sonic synergy?

That album would be "Feed The Animals", by Pittsburgh native DJ, Girl Talk. A album is a veritable 'megamix' of lesser-known and popular hits. A collection of 322 samples from various artists like Jay Z, Roy Orbison, Huey Lewis and The News, Rod Stewart, Procol Harum, Li'l Wayne, The Band, Fergie, Kenny Loggins and The Cure!

The album was released through Girl Talk's label, Illegal Art on at a Name-Your-Own-Price basis.

Just give in, already! You know you're gonna love it!

Play Your Part (Pt.1)

Shut The Club Down

Set It Off


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