Sunday, June 24, 2007

Ryan Adams Easy Tiger

Went to Pine Knob last weekend to see The Fray.

Good show, but I call them a "Poor-man's Coldplay".

The Fray - How To Save A Life... ...Coldplay - The Scientist

Ryan Adams and the Cardinals just came through this past Wednesday at the Gem Theater. I missed them, unfortunately. The new album, Easy Tiger comes out this Tuesday! My favorite track is "These Girls", a rework of the unreleased classic, "Hey There, Mrs. Lovely". And speaking of which, the long-awaited box set of unreleased albums may see the light of day by year's end... Filter Mag news report.

Halloweenhead From "Easy Tiger"

Hey There, Mrs. Lovely From "Destroyer"

Perfect and True From "The Suicide Handbook"

Born Yesterday From "48 Hours"

Blankets Of Booze From "Exile on Franklin St."

Love "Born Yesterday". A classic.

And because this is how Ryan would want me to end a post about how cool he is...

Batman Theme by The Marketts

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Anonymous said...

I love the Batman special effects. Batman Rocks!!!!