Tuesday, January 8, 2008

VietNam :: Step On Inside

The movie, I Know Who Killed Me, starring Lindsay Lohan, was roundly panned by critics and online reviewers alike (4.5/10 at IMDB and *ouch!* 2.1/10 at RottenTomatoes). I personally liked the concept and I don't blame Lohan for its shortcomings.

Perhaps some people just like to bash.

Maybe I'm no film critic.

Either way, the movie did introduce me to a very cool song. And hence the topic for this post. In the opening sequence of the movie, Lohan is dancing at a strip club while this groovy number plays.


VietNam is a NYC-based rock group originally from Austin, Texas. "Step On Inside" recalls hazed-out Jim Carroll-inspired punk blues while "Priest, Poet and The Pig" is a full-throttle raved-up Dylanesque rant.

VietNam :: Step On Inside

VietNam :: Priest, Poet and The Pig

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