Friday, May 25, 2007

The first post

Welcome to my weblog. My little piece of the internet universe. I thought about creating a blog for the longest time. My personal favorite out there in blogdom is Aquarium Drunkard. Great variety of music, very articulate... always something new (to me) to discover. I hope I can create and maintain a cool web log by posting some music that I'd like to share, along with a few stories or anecdotes I may want to pass along.

Obviously 5 Believers.mp3 From 'Blonde on Blonde'

Corrina, Corrina.mp3 Alternate take, 'Freewheelin'' sessions

Here are a couple of songs to get me started. Bob Dylan is my favorite musician, period. 'Blonde on Blonde'. What can be said about this album that hasn't already been said?

To quote Jack Black's character Barry in 'High Fidelity': "Don't tell anyone you don't own "Blonde on Blonde". It's gonna be okay."

My personal introduction to Bob Dylan was by a guy that owned a record store in Owosso, Michigan. 'Round Midnight Records. The year was 1993. I was a big Jimi Hendrix fan at the time, collecting every bootleg cassette tape I could possibly afford. He supplied me with some nice boots and lots of conversation about Hendrix and one of Hendrix's favorites, Bob Dylan. He loaned me two fantastic mix tapes that he had made which contained everything from Mixed Up Confusion to All Along The Watchtower to Property Of Jesus To Jokerman. It took some time initally but I eventually came to appreciate and then obsess about Bob Dylan. More on that later...

'Corrina, Corrina', from The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan is a gorgeous song. Bob is a supreme master when it comes to pouring out emotions through his voice inflection. Enjoy!


DaddyRich said...

You are off to a great start here, I hope you keep up the good work.

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