Saturday, May 26, 2007

So I'm at a bar one night

...and the band is playing some blues / bluesy classic rock while the beers are going down real nice. After a Muddy Waters' tune, the saxophone player steps up to the mike and belts out a tune in the key of one-too-many-packs of Marlboros-one-too-many-bottles of Thunderbird while the drummer kicks up thunder with a burlesque-style beat. My refined senses were appalled at the entrancing, funk-driven, sex-raving sounds coming out of the P.A. system. I was immediately hooked. When the set was over, with a Bushmill's on the rocks I approached the sax player and asked "what, what! was that song you did with the drummer right after 'I Can't Be Satisfied'?"
"That", he told me, "was 'Pasties and a G-String' by Tom Waits... From the album Small Change."

I found and bought the CD the very next day.

A classic album...

Pasties And A G-String.mp3

Small Change.mp3

Some early Tom Waits...

So Long, I'll See You.mp3 (The Buick's Outside Waiting Blues)

Looks Like I'm Up Shit Creek Again.mp3

Some Tom Waits for your holiday traveling or weekend barbeque...

Hang On St. Christopher.mp3

Filipino Box Spring Hog.mp3

Have a happy and safe holiday!

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