Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Chrome Dreams

Chrome Dreams II is Neil Young's latest album and a 'sequel' to Chrome Dreams, originally scheduled for release in 1976, but still unreleased to this day. Some of the songs on Chrome Dreams II were scheduled for other albums but dropped for various reasons. Among the retreads Neil has rolled out of the garage is "Ordinary People", the album's first single and an 18+ minute epic slated for 1988's This Note's For You.

The original Chrome Dreams was the follow up to Tonight's The Night, Neil Young's grossly underrated classic. Some of the songs from Chrome Dreams were later rerecorded and found there way onto other albums.

Enjoy some classics past and future!

From Chrome Dreams:

Too Far Gone



And from Chrome Dreams II:

Beautiful Bluebird

Ordinary People

The Believer

Spirit Road

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